An Overview Of Our Veterinary Services

At Lake Park Animal Clinic, we understand that your pets are family members. We want to provide them with the necessary care to ensure they live the long and happy lives that they deserve. Schedule your next appointment today.

Learn more about the veterinary services we offer for dogs, cats and other pets below.

Wellness and Medicine

It’s extremely important that you take a preventative approach when it comes to the overall well-being of your pet.

At our animal clinic, we offer general wellness exams, preventative vaccinations and medicine, in-house blood work and more for your pups and cats.


Surgical Services

Having your pet undergo a surgery, no matter how routine it is, is an overwhelming and scary experience. Our mission at Lake Park is to constantly keep you informed on the status of your pet and to provide you with all necessary information and details about your pet’s surgery before we get them into our office.

Some common surgeries we are experienced with include spaying and neutering, tooth extraction, amputations and more.


Dental Care

Sure, we love when our pets stretch a smile across their faces, but did you know proper dental care plays a significant role in your pet’s overall health? Make sure you stay on top of your pet’s oral health by getting routine check-ups from your local vet.  

Some common pet dental services we offer include general cleanings, periodontal treatment, dental X-rays and more.


Schedule An Appointment At Our Animal Clinic in Indian Trail

If you want a veterinarian that will always put your pet’s best interests first, choose Dr. Jay Rutledge at Lake Park Animal Clinic. He’s worked at bigger veterinary clinics in the past, which is why his goal is to provide the local community with more personal and detailed care than you can get at a corporate office.

Our staff members are dedicated to making your pet feel safe and comfortable during every visit. We strive to develop a long-lasting relationship with you and your pet, and we guarantee that you can trust your furry family member with our staff.

Choose the best veterinarian in Indian Trail, and contact our team today! You can reach us by calling 704-709-1227 or by completing our form online.