Just imagine it, your outside enjoying a beautiful day with your family and dog, Fido, when all of a sudden you see it! The big, fat, nasty, creepy crawly TICK clinging to poor Fido. YUCK! You quickly pull it off and thats it. You’re good right?! But are you?….

It can be difficult to protect your pet against every virus, parasite, illness, what foods do you feed?, what vaccines do you really need?, whats that pill for?, its called what?…the list goes on and on. And we know, it can be a lot to take in. So what do you do?

In North Carolina it is recommended to keep your pets on flea/tick and heartworm preventative all year. This means our indoor pets as well because parasites can get indoors. There are a many different ways that preventatives can be administered such as a pill, topical, or a shot. Even if you live in a highly developed community or the city,things like Lyme disease or heartworm disease are still prevalent.

For those who aren’t aware- Lyme disease is spread via infected ticks when they bite your pet (protect your pets with preventatives and dogs have the Lyme vaccine for double protection). Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes. Both can be life threatening and very hard on your pets. To find out more about viruses, parasites, and heartworms in your area please follow the link before.  If you’re not sure what preventatives or vaccines to get, feel free to call our office.

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